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Cultural Center
Hellenic Cosmos
254 Pireos street
177 78 Tavros

Tel: 212 254 0000
Fax: 212 254 0123


The Foundation of the Hellenic World has created its cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos at 254 Pireos street, on a former industrial ribbon development of Athens, where memory of Athens past meets the city's modern identity. In an area of approximately 60,000 m2 the Foundation has created a new area for the promotion of Hellenic culture, using state-of-the-art technology and specialized staff, without changing the industrial environment of Pireos street. On the contrary, the Foundation creates a new architectural quality in the area, using innovative applications and shaping the outdoors area in such a way as to demonstrate the identity of the Cultural Centre. The former industrial buildings are reconstructed, according to modern aesthetic design, in order to house exhibitions, conferences, concerts and film screenings.


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